Promoting Culture Through Dance and Music

Promoting the respective Filipino and non-Filipino cultures through dances and music is one of FAHWA’s charitable objectives.

FAHWA is comprised of a multi-cultural and diverse membership. It aims to provide cultural nourishment through educating and exposing its current members as well as the wider community to different cultural ways and practices of Filipino and non-Filipinos alike.

It also seeks to widen the networking of the organisation and promote respect, harmony and fellowship among the other cultural community groups in Western Australia.

Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

Since its registration as a charitable entity in 2019, FAHWA performers were able to reach out and perform on different occasions held by the organisation itself and per invitation from the other groups with diverse audiences of different ages and nationalities.  FAHWA delivered on its commitment to inclusivity and diversity by inviting other cultural organisations to join and partake in the performance of its cultural activities and other events. 

Audiences were taken on a dance and music journey to various corners of the Philippines, from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, complete with colourful costumes including Filipiniana Terno, Igorot, Muslims from Mindanao and others.

FAHWA also promotes the observance of Filipino and other customs, festivals and ceremonies.


Highlights in the Year 2020

Filipino “Tala Dance” for Bush Fire Relief on 11th February 2020, FAHWA cultural dancers participated in the event and gave a donation to Bush Fire victims in WA. This was organised by the Thailanders in Perth.


Annual General Meeting of CBH Perth WA (largest co-operative and a leader in the Australian grain industry) on 20th February 2020, FAHWA performers presented the Igorot-inspired cultural dance presentation – paid by CBH – proceeds were used for our charity projects.


FAHWA performers were able to perform at Swan Care for all its volunteers with the theme : “Volunteers Make A World Of Difference” on 8th December 2020.


Performed and assisted during the fundraising event “Bangon Pilipinas” Perth Concert for a Cause on 27th December 2020. This was an emergency appeal for the victims of the recent typhoons in the Philippines and some parts in Asia.


75th Year Celebration of Philippine-Australia Mateship and Bayanihan

The Filipino Australian Health Workers Association ( FAHWA) has been very active in carrying out its outreach programs and projects in the community including fostering Filipino and non-Filipino culture through dances and music. Recently in the month of May, FAHWA had participated in the celebration of 75 years of Philippine-Australia Diplomatic Relations. During this event, Barrio Fiesta 2021 ( Langley park) and Gala Night ( Crown Perth Grand Ballroom), FAHWA members were able to perform to the public to manifest and express to the Filipino-Australian community and people with diverse background, the identity of the Filipinos as a people and to showcase the uniqueness and aesthetic value of Filipino dances in its authentic impression.


Silong sa Ganding is a Maguindanao dance that is a favourite among royal courts. The dance is a very demanding dance of discipline because hand positions and placements required are very precise. Similar to other Bangsamoro dances, Silong sa Ganding is danced with the wrists turned in and out in a manner similar to the kumintang.

Piliin Mo ang Pilipinas (“Choose Philippines”) is a song which aims to promote local tourism by featuring our beautiful country – Philippines. “Choose Philippines” showcases travel destinations, regional cuisine, local culture and the colourful fiestas and festivals in the country.

The song is interpreted through dance movements showcasing a tranche of the rich culture of Filipinos with its cultural and traditional colourful costumes.

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