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Mental & Sexual Health Awareness

One out of every four young individuals is considered to be suffering from significant psychological discomfort, the most common of which are depression, anxiety, and/or stress.

Going to university is a period of tremendous change and personal development, and studies have indicated that university students experience higher levels of mental anguish than the general population. International students and students engaging in an overseas programme, who are out of their comfort zones and away from established support networks, may face an even more difficult position, especially during this time of pandemic. Wherein there are no certainty of employment and stability in the ever changing policy amidst the fight against the pandemic.

Furthermore, adolescent and young adult sexuality is both a natural aspect of healthy growth and a source of societal consternation and debate. There is a lot of room for encouraging sexual health and positively acknowledging sexuality among young people in the youth, health, and education sectors. The underlying issue that perpetuates the taboo of sexual health among young people is often a lack of understanding about their bodies, sexuality, and how to protect oneself, as well as an inability to appreciate the risks associated with sexual activity.

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